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Supportive Home & Community

Our homes hold so much near and dear to us. It’s a familiar space that we associate with memories from time spent with family, loved ones and where we spend our daily lives. It’s a source of comfort and a part of who we are. Indeed, most people would prefer to maintain their independence and continue living at home as long as they are possible.

When those we care about are living alone at home monitoring their day-to-day routine and identifying any changes in health or well-being and being notified of any changes to family and carers rapidly and seamlessly is an important precaution to take. As elders age, their risk for potentially life-threatening accidents increases. If there’s not always an able-bodied adult at home to provide help and care as needed, this risk factor is monumentally higher.

Home can also be were elders are vulnerable to elder abuse and fraud. Elder abuse can be emotional, psychological, financial, physical or sexual abuse, or neglect. Research from Australia and overseas shows that up to 14 per cent of older people may be experiencing elder abuse. The real number may be higher because many people feel they cannot speak up Elder abuse occurs regardless of gender, race, cultural values, religion or socioeconomic factors. Some forms of elder abuse might be more serious or have greater impact than others, but all forms of abuse are unacceptable.

Elder fraud consists of financial crimes that target older people’s money or property. It includes telephone, internet and mail scams. International research highlights that as many as 1 in 18 “cognitively intact, community-dwelling” elders fall victim to an elder fraud scam every year. These elders do not have diminished mental states and who live on their own. They are most likely trusting people who simply don’t expect a scam.

Remote at-home monitoring enables elders and those with cognitive or physical difficulties to live safely alone, or with minimal care, for longer. It may also cut down on hospital admissions and emergency care.

CD Salus seeks to source products and more to help with elder abuse and to ensure any changes in people’s health and wellbeing are identified and shared with their loved ones and carers, focussing on the areas of:

  • Passive smart sensing and remote monitoring
  • Active sensors and remote monitoring
  • GPS Tracking technologies